About National Peroxide Ltd

National Peroxide Limited (NPL) is a public limited Company established in 1954 and is listed on BSE Limited, Mumbai. We are also certified for ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 14001 Environmental Management, OHSAS 18001 Health & Safety Management, RC - 14001 Responsible Care and ISO-50001 Energy Management.

NPL is a pioneer in India for peroxygen chemicals and is the largest manufacturer of Hydrogen Peroxide in India, with an installed capacity of 95,000 MTPA on 50% w/w. basis. It's fully integrated manufacturing site for Hydogen Peroxide is located at Kalyan in Maharashtra (India).

Hydrogen Peroxide is a highly versatile chemical used in various industries for Bleaching, Chemical synthesis, Environmental control/ Effluent treatment, Sterilisation etc. The single most important constituent of Hydrogen Peroxide is the “active oxygen” that it provides in the aforementioned end-uses. The “active oxygen” is obtained by the controlled decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide, with water as the by-product. Hence, whether it is bleaching, or chemical synthesis, the use of Hydrogen Peroxide provides a very “clean” process without the production of any harmful or environmentally unsafe products.

In India, Hydrogen Peroxide is manufactured to international standards by National Peroxide Limited, using the auto-oxidation process, at its most modern and up-to-date plant near Kalyan, Maharashtra.

NPL’s Hydrogen Peroxide is a concentrated aqueous solution containing 50% Hydrogen Peroxide by weight and is commonly referred to as Hydrogen Peroxide 50% w/w. It is specially stabilised for Indian climatic conditions. We also produce Hydrogen Peroxide in 35%, 60% and 70% concentration.

The Company also produces the "Compressed Hydrogen Gas" and "Per Acetic Acid".

The information contained in this site is given in good faith and by way of a guide, but implies no guarantee. It cannot be regarded as a recommendation that our products should be used in opposition to existing patents. National or local regulations covering work safety and hygiene are applicable in all cases and we can accept no liability where such regulations are not observed.

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